Slashdot on the EFF Music Licensing Proposal

EFF’s New File-Sharing Scheme

A succint comment that points out the fact that this discussion has to go on at several levels and, more importantly, that the issue of control remains the great unspoken problem:

I won’t be surprised if the RIAA cold-shoulders it (Score:5, Insightful)

by e6003 (552415) on Friday February 27, @08:12AM (#8406972)


Considering their real problem with file sharing is not the loss of money but loss of control over music distribution, anything that tries to tackle their public complaint whilst not addresing their real beef is bound to be rejected. Kudos to the EFF for trying but I think this is still 12 to 24 months ahead of its time. Congressman Boucher and Congresswoman Lofgren to the white courtesy phone please…

The RIAA can’t publicly assert that control is what they’re worried about (because that’s the foundation of their current business model) and the rest of us are so uncomfortable with control that we don’t speak as carefully about it as we should when we try to talk about alternatives. How do we really want to speak about ownership and property?

Will the notion that ‘property right’ == ‘monopoly right’ survive this conflict? Of course, that’s not really the case even today, but some will tell you that monopoly is a part of the notion underlying the way that property is taught, so it’s a pretty deeply embedded meme.