2002 August 23 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-08-23 13:26:19)

The "Stuckist Net" concept has generated a bunch of letters at The Register. The UK implementation of the EU Copyright Directive has a lot of people worried. BT loses their patent claim to hypertext. A look at spoofing and the state of the record industry at the Washington post is pretty good reading, too.

And it appears that ElcomSoft is coming back, looking for more

And, as a start on thinking about Dave Winer’s position, it’s worth trying to deconstruct this screed from Tech Central Station – the foolish analogy given does retain a kernel of truth; if the marginal value of production is zero, what’s the business model that preserves the economic incentive to create?

And Charlie Cooper takes on Larry Lessig, cribbing,as best I can tell, from Dave Winer. But, it’s all opinion – OK, I guess for an opinion piece, but a few hard facts might have been helpful. (Ugh: why go for a copy when you can read the original?)

More importantly, why not read something that moves the discussion forward?

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