2002 August 21 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-08-22 07:50:18)

Dave says I have misrepresented his position, and he calls foul. Reading Scripting News this AM, it appears that he and Larry have been talking directly, leading to this post on Larry’s weblog. Dave’s thinking about what their conversation means, and I’m sure he will have more to say later today. He seems to have heard something he likes, so I look forward to hearing what I missed – he cites this Ernie the Attorney post as instrumental, so it’s worth checking out, too.

Update: Well, it looks like what has actually happened is that each side has retreated and declared…something. I can’t exactly tell what. But here are some closing postings from all around:

Where does that leave us? Stuck with some thorny questions about copyright, software and source code – and a little sadder, because it appears to me that we’re just back where we started – I can’t shake the bad feeling.

Dave starts out asking the right question: So when I sell you the right to use my software, what am I selling you, what rights do you have, and what rights do I retain? But then, it’s followed by Be careful, if you strip me of all my rights, I’ll go make pottery. It has to be enticing to the creative person. (Link)

Although the words sound innocent, I’m worried by what I see here – but I’m going to have to work a lot harder to identify what it is that’s bothering me so.

And, if Ernest Miller is right, copyright may be the least of the problems.

The Register continues its attack on the changes in the Microsoft license agreements. And, if Declan, and now Brad King, are right, we’re going to be getting real close to the revolution that Dave (and Jessica Litman) are expecting. Plus, a great opinion piece at Slate on the music industry! And the president of News Copr. takes up the Princeton position (see below)

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