CRIA Takes Up the Challenge

Canadian recording industry pleased with progress in legal process regarding online music pirates

CRIA filed court orders last week to require five Canadian internet service providers to disclose the identities of large scale pirates who have been openly and illegally distributing thousands of digital music files over public networks. CRIA filed motions in the Federal Court of Canada to identify large-scale infringers using Internet services operated by Bell/Sympatico, Rogers Communications Inc., Shaw Communications Inc., TELUS Corporation and Videotron Telecom Ltd.

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Canada’s biggest music producers asked the courts on Monday to order Internet service providers to identify customers who swap songs illegally on the Internet as the Canadian firms try to match a U.S. crackdown on music piracy.

The music companies, including the Canadian units of giants Universal Music and EMI Music, asked the Federal Court of Canada to order the providers to disclose the identity of 29 large-volu