Blogging, Politics and the "Echo Chamber"

Ernest comments on Jack Balkin’s discussion of blogging, politics, etc. in Balkin on Sunstein, Blogging and Democracy.

I read Jack’s piece yesterday and saw it as a counterpoint to the discussion in the NYTimes on Sunday, as well as the Findlaw commentary of last week, both linked through this entry: Some Provocative Questions

Ernest agrees with Prof. Balkin’s optimism, and I agree that there are many reasons to hope for the best. But I do understand the notion of the "echo chamber" cited in the NYTimes article, and I would argue that there may very well be a need for something to keep from engendering the kind of isolation that can be experienced on the net.

I have some more that I want to say about this, but I am late for a meeting — let’s just say that there’s probably a need to distinguish between those who impart meaning through argument/conversation and those who do so through speech-making. While the Internet tools support both, I would guess that one leads to insularity and one to less of a conversational monoculture……..