Britney’s Latest As Element of Gay Marriage Debate

(Part of what must be a cold-influenced continuation of off-topic articles today….) Who’d-a-thunk-it: I Do. Oops! I Don’t.

To the Editor:

Britney Spears can get married in Las Vegas on a whim and have it annulled within days (“Las Vegas: Bridal Britney?,” Arts Briefing, Jan. 5), but gay people like me, who have been in a loving, faithful, monogamous relationship with one partner for more than a dozen years, are not allowed to marry because some say we would damage the institution of marriage.

Is something wrong with this picture?


Iowa City, Jan. 5, 2004

Even worse, here’s what she gets for her P.R. dollar: Britney Spears, After a Dip Into Marriage, Is Free for Whatever Future May Hold

“I think this is a classic Britney move,” said an MTV News correspondent, Su Chin Pak. “She’s always walked the line between good girl and bad girl. The craziest thing she allows herself is to get married to a perfectly sweet guy from Kentwood, La., that she’s known all her life. It’s not like we’re pulling her out of rehab.” Ms. Spears, she said, is not taking her sundered nuptials too seriously.

“She has a 10-minute video of the wedding that she’s been showing to friends,” Ms. Pak said. “She thinks it’s a big joke.”