Bush in 30 Seconds

Without QuickTime on my Linux box at work, I haven’t had a chance to see the final 15 entries in Bush in 30 Seconds that have so entertained Larry and Cory. But the NYTimes indicates not everyone is so amused by the contest (I have no idea if the offending ones are in the final 15): Critics Attack Efforts to Link Bush and Hitler. Of course, such connections are not limited to the contest — see, for example, today’s Ted Rall cartoon.

If you can get past the vitriol in the Fox News report, one can see that the issue centers on one entry (since removed) that made the noxious allusion. However, it shows the risks that any grass roots organization faces, as well as the kind of monitoring that might be necessary. It will be interesting to see if MoveOn.Org can get past this, or whether the Republican Party functionaries will seize upon this as an instrument to take down the group.

Of course, as Doc Searls’ posting suggests, pushing too egregiously might be dangerous for the Republicans, too.