NYTimes on an eMusic Misdirection Scam

A Wary Eye on Sites for Music Sharing

On its Web site, Easy Music Download offers unlimited downloads from a catalog of more than 700,000 songs for an annual fee of $21.95. Theoretically, one could own tens of thousands of songs for the same price as just 22 tracks from the iTunes store. If it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is.

[…] What Ms. Tennant and others found when they subscribed to Easy Download Music was not a song-selling service at all, but merely information on how to download file-sharing services like Kazaa, which provide access to the unrestricted swapping that Ms. Tennant was hoping to avoid.

[…] “Since August of 2003 we’ve been identifying what we view as scam sites, which are trading on the technology and offerings of Sharman Networks and in our view defrauding consumers by failing to disclose the actual service they provide,” Mr. [Roderick] Dorman [of Sharman Neworks] said. Several other cease-and-desist letters had been sent, he said, and he is “exploring with governmental authorities whether the conduct of these sites is criminal and is the appropriate subject of criminal law enforcement.”

Plus, the Times offers up their list of legit services: A Crowded Bandwagon Yields Music Without Worries