More on the MPAA’s "Education" Programs

Or propaganda — you decide. And, if that doesn’t work, there are other strategies to threaten infringers with: Studios Fight Piracy With Education

The studios say they will continue their effort to educate people on the effects that piracy has on moviegoers by threatening the fundamental economics of a popular form of entertainment. They are taking their message to grade school classrooms where volunteers teach lesson plans about the costs of illegal file sharing. Industry-sponsored advertisements are playing at movie theaters. The ads profile behind-the-scenes working people – set designers, costume makers and the like – to show that downloading hurts more than superrich entertainers.

[…] [S]ome film executives say that without drastic measures, illegal file sharing is unlikely to stop, particularly in foreign countries, like China, where pirated copies of movies are often titles more popular than the legally available fare. Ultimately, movie executives may be forced to take a cue from their music industry counterparts who caused a stir when they started suing illegal downloaders. Only when consumers find themselves or their children facing prison, some movie executives say, will they get the message that sharing movies is a crime. [emphasis added]