USAToday on the eMusic Biz

It’s all about using digital music downloads to sell something else — [Via Scripting News] 2004 may see ‘bit of a gold rush’ for digital tunes

Seattle-based Loudeye (LOUD) recently teamed with Microsoft (MSFT) to take advantage of the trend. The crosstown partners are offering companies a way to instantly erect their own music-download services by accessing Loudeye’s music archive using Microsoft software.

Loudeye CEO Jeff Cavins says the partnership could spur the rise of upward of 100 new digital music offerings worldwide in 2004. “It’s highly conceivable you’re about to see a bit of a gold rush around digital music,” Cavins says.

[…] Now Loudeye, which has 80 employees and annual sales of about $13 million, has begun packaging its music archive with Microsoft’s Windows Media software and is helping companies dream up ways to use downloads to promote other products and services. “This really is a tool to drive cross-merchandising,” Cavins says.