2002 July 25 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-07-25 18:37:13)

I’m a little calmer today (this morning); although there must have been something going around yesterday. See Larry Lessig’s comments to the Open Source Convention yesterday to see what I mean – he really challenged the community to do something (Dan Gillmor’s blog entry, in particular, expresses the emotion of his talk; Doc Searls’ blog entry gives a different perspective). I see that there’s a collective weblog being tried – take a look.

And, yes, Larry’s already read "Melancholy Elephants." (See yesterday’s notes) And he, like I, suggest it to anyone interested in seeing an example of science fiction coming to life in one’s own time.

"Deep linking" receives a blow in Germany; ICANN is disucussed by Esther Dyson; RealNetworks announces Ogg Vobis support; kuro5hin reacts to the Berman initiative; an interesting take on ubiquitous computing by Bruce Sterling. The NYTimes has an article explaining why you need to look your name up on Google from time to time – plus what the Slashdot’s reference to the "panopticon" means <G> (I guess I’m just illiterate).

Update: I see that the Berkman Center’s Ben Edelman is suing (with the ACLU) for a declaratory judgement in re: Ben’s research and the DMCA – notably, his testing of the blocking strategies of N2H2. Declan McCullagh has a piece on it at CNet News – and here’s the Slashdot discussion; the LawMeme writeup. And Denise Howell has a great writeup with interesting links.

Declan’s had a busy day! Here’re his Politech links for the Berman/Coble P2P bill. And Thomas C. Greene isn’t letting up much today either! Matt Loney tells us what he thinks of the new UK copyright law; and Real formally announces Ogg Vobis support.

Note: I’m not sure if Wired.com is the target of a DDoS attack or if they’re just having server problems, but their site has been really difficult to access this week.

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