2002 July 24 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-07-24 16:40:38)

This has got to stop! I can’t keep posting depressing news. But Declan McCullagh’s description of the upcoming bill from Berman is just disgusting! At least Bruce Perens has a way to protest. And so does Thomas Greene of The Register.

Looks like Yochai’s paper on commons-based production is coming out soon. BroadbandReport.com has another writeup of the recent DRM workshop at Commerce; and CNet gives Bruce Perens a spot to discuss Real’s Helix and open source.

One could imagine that Dan Gillmor has become a Larry Lessig groupie <G> – or maybe it’s just that he and Doc Searls are blogging the O’Reilly Open Source Conference.

And, completely beside the point, this New York Times article shows that, once again, the best of science fiction writers can look prescient from time to time. (I wonder when (if?) Larry Niven – author of "The Last Days of the Permanent Floating Riot Club" in A Hole In Space, 1974 – will let Rheingold know that he wrote/speculated about this phenomenon – years ago!)

Hmmm – maybe I should point Larry Lessig at "Melancholy Elephants" by Spider Robinson (in By Any Other Name – ISBN:0671319744) as he preps for his fall arguments in Eldred v. Ashcroft <G>!

And Denise Howell mentions Furdlog in an entry at Bag and Baggage! Thanks!

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