2002 July 17 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-07-17 16:46:56)

Got a late start on the day. Surprisingly, my trolling hasn’t found a lot, but what there is is pretty interesting. And I continue to make progress on generating a b2 version of this weblog.

Berkman ILaw Fallout: I thought I would have posted my "I Week After ILaw" thoughts by now, but I just haven’t quite put it together right. The first of the followup H2O/Rotisserie discussions has just wound up, but I think I learned more about the limitations of the beta site than anything else. The next cycle should be interesting, though. It’s focused on the Microsoft reaction to the pending legislation to require that Peru only employ Open Source software – and the extraordinarily perceptive response by one of the legislators to a classic Microsoft FUD letter campaign. Should be fun.

Doc Searls has a provocative article in Linux Journal today on webcasting; radio stations are now arguing that their simultaneous webcasting wasn’t supposed to make them liable for the new royalties; and a new Microsoft whitepaper on Palladium shows some more backpedaling on the DRM aspects of the technology.

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