Michael Speck: ARIA’s Bulldog

Slashdot reports that the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) is preparing to sue ISPs over the downloading of copyrighted content. Michael Speck, who has made something of a name for himself by promoting a particularly stringent perspective on copyrights, is cited.

ARIA’s music industry piracy investigations manager Michael Speck said ISPs relied on illegal music downloads for 20 per cent of their revenue and were aware customers were flouting copyright laws but did nothing to stop them.

He said the failure of Internet companies to prevent copyright infringements left ARIA with no choice but to prosecute them.

But Internet Industry Association chief executive Peter Coroneos slammed Mr Speck’s comments as “provocative” and “inflammatory” and said ISPs were keen to work with copyright holders to prevent infringements.

A particularly interesting bit, in light of his generally strident tone, appears at the close of the article:

Mr Speck said ARIA did not plan to prosecute individual music downloaders, as the US music industry had done.