Apparently Nancy Sinatra Wants More

Of course, without radio, one might wonder if we’d ever have heard of her father — and certainly I doubt we would ever have heard of her – “Boots” doesn’t quite fit the definition of “great American standard,” I fear: Radio Free America (pdf)

WHEN I hear great American standards on the radio, I think of all the songwriters, artists and musicians whom my father, brother and I have worked with over the years. It reminds me that every recording has two parts, the composition and the performance. It also reminds me how many wonderful artists and musicians have not been paid fairly for their work.

Songwriters and publishers are paid when their tunes are played on the radio, but none of the artists or musicians who bring the music to life receive even a penny. The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing today on legislation that will right this wrong, which dates back to the early days of sound recordings.

“Not been paid fairly”? Hmmm — says who? Somehow, the notion that ALL RENTS derived from the use of content should flow to the “creator” doesn’t quite seem like a workable plan, but I guess I’m not in Nancy Sinatra’s league when it comes to this.

And, I know that both sides cherry pick examples, but it’s the egregious abuses of the recording industry contracts, not the “free ride” that radio gets, that should be getting Judiciary Committee scrutiny.

OT: Alex Beam Got The Title Right

But this may be the funniest fallout of our local town/gown contretemps that I’ve read yet (albeit a little *too* localized for those not familiar with Cambridge): A tale told by an idiot (pdf)

BARACK: Who is the man, and what is his crime?

AXELROD: ’Tis the Most Exalted University tutor Gates. Back has he spoken to the Sheriff, unbidden.

BARACK: Gates? I know this man. We have supped together on the enchanted Isle of Martha’s Vineland. I have seen him with Lady Oprah, prating about his ancestry.

AXELROD: Perhaps a photo op, my lord? We invite Gates and the Sheriff here, quaff ale in the summer heat, and proclaim peace and brotherhood among all men.

BARACK: And savor tobacco from the Duke of Marlboro?

AXELROD: Not with the people watching, sire. (Turns to page) Summon them here!