In Case You Were Wondering About The Business Model

YouTube puts demographic feedback to work (pdf)

Insight is part of a trend on the Web. The social networking giant Facebook offers account holders a weekly report that, like Insight, is free — and has a similar name, Insights. The information it provides is used by individuals and companies that have Facebook pages and want to hone their marketing.

Before Insight, success on Google Inc.s YouTube was measured primarily in one way: by the sheer number of “views,” or times a video was watched. The data available through Insight include age, gender and geographic location as well as the identities of the Internet sites that viewers came from and where they went after watching a clip. Marketers and advertisers use the data to decide how to target their next round of ads or where bands should tour, said Tracy Chan, product manager of YouTube Insight.

“YouTube is becoming the worlds biggest focus group,” Chan said.

The YouTube data are more specific than what bands typically can get from television and radio, said Ben Patterson, who worked on Weezers digital marketing strategy.

“What’s distinct about YouTube Insight is the immediacy of the information and the discovery element — how viewers found the content,” he said.

Also note that the CA legislature failed to give landline folks what cellphone users already have: Why your privacy still comes at a cost (pdf)

In case you missed it, your elected representatives bowed to intense pressure from phone companies last week and voted to allow them to keep charging whatever they want to protect your privacy.

I’m talking, of course, about the up to $24 a year that millions of Californians are charged to keep their numbers out of the phone book and its electronic cousins.

[…] “In a competitive marketplace, the Legislature shouldn’t be in the business of setting prices for features,” said Jon Davies, a spokesman for Verizon Communications Inc. “They should let consumers decide which ones they want to pay for and which ones they don’t.”

But, hey — amnesty *is* something that the legislature should get into, right?