Brewster Kahle Gets the FBI To Blink?

What the heck is going on here? FBI Backs Off From Secret Order for Data After Lawsuit (pdfcomments)

The FBI has withdrawn a secret administrative order seeking the name, address and online activity of a patron of the Internet Archive after the San Francisco-based digital library filed suit to block the action.

It is one of only three known instances in which the FBI has backed off from such a data demand, known as a “national security letter,” or NSL, which is not subject to judicial approval and whose recipient is barred from disclosing the order’s existence.

TorrentSpy Case

Six studios win copyright award against file-sharing site (pdf)

The six major Hollywood studios have won a $111-million judgment for copyright infringement against shut-down file-sharing website

The judgment, filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, charged the operator of the website, Valence Media, $30,000 per violation.

Opinion not posted at the court’s site. See also Studios win $111 million judgment against TorrentSpy and TorrentSpy to appeal whopper legal judgment