Sorry! (updated – blog shutdown for duration of machine maintenance)

I thought moving over to the new server would be painless. Hah! Not when the old server refuses to enter Target Disk mode for the main drive (it will, however, happily do so for all other drives on the old machine). So, all the hardware goes to an Apple Store today for troubleshooting.

So, the blog isn’t going to be visible for a while today — not that I’ve had much time to update it, anyway.

Update: Well, after many hours with Apple Care and the local Genius Bar, the conclusion is that the boot drive has a subtle partition map problem that the new machine won’t accept. In fact, the target disk does appear on the new machine, but it won’t mount. Thus, no migration.

We thought that using the MacBook Air migration tool, which runs over the network, would do it, but it doesn’t. As best as I can tell from the console logs, the Migration Assistant attempts to set up an NFS share to do the migration, which also seems to be failing.

So, brute force is going to be required — making a carbon copy of the old drive to a secondary drive in the old machine, and then running migration assistant. What that means is that, as of now, I have to freeze the blog. It will come back to life once the migration happens, but that’s going to be days away, because these are big drives and I have to rely upon my PowerBook to mediate the carbon copying — so only Firewire 400 and an old G4 processor.

Interesting to note that the Mac world does not have the kind of partition repair tools that the Windows and Linux worlds seem to have. Tragic in my case, but there you go.

Furdlog will be back, but maybe not as soon as one would like.