I know — I’ve been slack in posting this week. It’s the start of the term here, and this week was a demonstration of just how much denial I was in about it. Anyway, I hope to get a little more in control this week.

As a splash of cold water, this op-ed in today’s Times is a pretty effective blast — We Interrupt This Broadcast

The usefulness of these white spaces is about to be compromised by a proposal before the Federal Communications Commission by some of the nation’s largest technology companies. Microsoft, Google and others are asking permission to use white spaces — free of charge — for millions of unregulated and unlicensed devices for personal networking systems that they would like to sell, including P.D.A.’s, wireless broadband devices and even toys.

These devices could disrupt the new digital TV signals that government and industry have spent so much time and money to promote.

So, is the problem that these white space devices are going to interfere with TV and other appliances? Or is it that companies are going to get to build devices without paying for spectrum?

And who pwns this congressman? A friend of Jay Rockefeller?