Telling It Like It Is

While there’s nothing really new here in this story about Coke’s new virtual island at, I love it when someone explains what it’s really all about: Coke Promotes Itself in a New Virtual World

A number of consumer brands are designing virtual worlds that may resemble Coke’s new island, said Reuben Steiger, the chief executive of Millions of Us, an advertising agency that focuses on virtual worlds.

“The ones that are going to prosper are going to be the ones that don’t feel like advertising. No one really wants to go hang out in an ad,” Mr. Steiger said.

[…] “These platforms like Makena are designed to provide market research on steroids,” said Charles I. Mauro, president of MauroNewMedia. “This level of research allows us to be extremely accurate in a way that was never possible before to pinpoint when avatars are looking at advertisements, looking at products.”

Children are using virtual worlds in larger numbers than the general population, which could bode well for the future popularity of these sites.