At Least He Got The Metaphor Right

And sometimes that’s the battle: F.T.C. Member Vows Tighter Controls of Online Ads

A MEMBER of the Federal Trade Commission said yesterday that the agency would be exerting a tighter grip over online advertising, partly because of increased tracking by marketing companies of people’s activity on the Internet.

Jon Leibowitz, the commissioner, said he was concerned about ads being shown to children online and about the tactics advertisers are using to collect data about people.

“When you’re surfing the Internet, you never know who is peering over your shoulder or how many marketers are watching,” he said.

Ellen Goodman on the Perils of Good Intentions

Surveillance society meets parenting in a culture of fear: Big Brother meets Big Motherpdf

It’s not clear that a surveillance society actually provides more security. Consider the ubiquitous surveillance cameras at schools. What did they do for that Cleveland high school last month except to leave behind chilling, post-mortem pictures of the 14-year-old shooter? And how easy is it to drop the GPS jacket by the roadside?

Meanwhile, we may be raising a generation with low expectations of public privacy, trained by Big Mother to accept Big Brother. Did anyone notice how Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton made monitoring anklets into this year’s fashion accessory?

As someone who has done my fair share of speed dialing, I am a believer in the text messaging and cellphoning that keeps parents and kids in contact. But there’s a moment when the two-way tools of communication turn into the one-way tools of surveillance. Then the tether becomes a leash and parenting becomes stalking. We don’t talk; we track.

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