An Amazing Assertion

Should ISPs take cue from post office?pdf

The post office forwards letters when a person moves, and telephone companies likewise forward calls. Should Internet companies be required to forward e-mails to customers who switch providers?

There is no mandate governing e-mail forwarding, and industry officials say imposing one would be costly and unnecessary. […]

“Costly?” An entry in the mail server database? It’s not like it’s about spam — I don’t think junk mail gets forwarded by the Post Office, so it seems like spam filtering before forwarding should be perfectly reasonable.

The petition; the FCC notice

Also note that Declan disagrees: FCC asked to mandate ‘e-mail address portability’

OT: MIT Marks The Start of the World Series

With a little light art using the Green Building. I got to hang out with several folks trying to get a workable shot from next to Walker (hope you got some good ones, Ramya!) [Set your browser window width just right and cross your eyes for a 3D look at the scene.]

MIT's Green Building Showing Its ColorsMIT's Green Building Showing Its Colors

Maybe it’s me, but I think the anti-aliaising effect might have been more effective when viewed from the other side of the river.