Again, It’s “for the Children”

This time, the Potter parties wont flypdf

Midnight launch parties at bookstores have become a tradition with Harry Potter novels. But with the approach of next Saturday’s publication of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” the last book in the series, many of those throwing parties are being forced to revise their plans, including some intended to benefit charities.

[…] In the past few weeks, Warner’s London legal office has sent e-mails to booksellers and party organizers around the country, warning them against unauthorized celebrating, under the threat of legal action. “[Your event] appears to fall outside our guidelines,” said one e-mail. “Therefore, HARRY POTTER cannot be used as a theme for your event.”

Warner Bros. says it’s only trying to protect young Potter fans from inappropriate, non-family-friendly celebrating. But to many booksellers, it looks like an excessive effort to make sure no one benefits financially from its trademarks.