An ISP To Avoid

Unless you like being a guinea pig And it’s hard to believe that any ISP would actively pursue this sort of technology, since “safe harbor” provisions will start looking like something to take out of the current laws: AT&T unveils push to stem online piracypdf

In a break with other Internet service providers, AT&T Inc. will work with Hollywood studios and recording labels to devise technology that identifies offshore content pirates who use its network to upload illegal copies of movies and music.

Although details remain sketchy, the effort worries privacy advocates, who fear the San Antonio-based company could become a beat cop, monitoring which Web sites customers visit and what computer files they share.

Technology officers from several entertainment companies met June 5 in San Antonio to discuss the effort, which could take months and quite possibly fail to produce a solution that would be technologically feasible and protect customer privacy.

Also the LATimes article: AT&T to target pirated contentpdf