SAE Temporizes

But, based on this press release, they clearly are not going to cave. I hope that my university will continue its policy not to subscribe to their Digital Library — and I hope that those of us who have published papers with SAE will continue to avoid doing so: SAE Publications Board to Review Digital Rights Management Controls for Students, Facultypdf

SAE International’s Publications Board temporarily will suspend full activation of Digital Rights Management (DRM) controls as applied on the Society’s Digital Library of technical papers for licensees at colleges, universities and other academic institutions.

[…] “SAE’s highest interest is in serving the technical information needs of all mobility professionals,” said Michael Madley, SAE’s new chair of the Publications Board. “We look forward to working in partnership with the academic community to ensure an efficient and economical flow of information while managing intellectual property rights.”

See earlier: MIT Rejects SAE’s DRM-Crippled ePublications

Owning Numbers: Another Incarnation

Jenny, they got your number; now 2 firms fighting over itpdf

If you’re a radio listener of a certain age, the telephone number 867-5309 is burned forever in your brain.

[…] By itself, 867-5309 has nothing to do with plumbing, argues Clockwork’s Boston lawyer, Carrie J. Fletcher. It “doesn’t make any sense without the music, but Gem doesn’t have any rights to the music,” she added.

Still, Gem plans to keep fighting for its prized numerical possession, which it uses in the 401 and 617 area codes.

[…] Tommy “Tutone” Heath [Ed: you can find audio/video of “867-5309” at the Tutone link], however, doesn’t see much fun in the dispute. Reached by phone yesterday in Northern California, he said he would prefer that neither company use 867-5309. “It’s ridiculous,” said Heath, who is working on a new album. “If I wanted to get into it, I could probably take the number away from both of them.”