The Evolution of YouTube

A migration of AdSense? Or something more tactical? First fame, now cash for stars on YouTubepdf (also Contributors on YouTube May Share Advertising Revenue)

The budding comedians and quirky entertainers who helped YouTube earn $1.65 billion from its sale to Google Inc. are about to start getting their own paydays.

YouTube said Friday that it soon would start rewarding its top-drawing performers with better promotion and a cut of the revenue it generates from placing banner ads around the online videos.

YouTube isn’t the first online video company to share money with its contributors. But the deal marks the first time that the likes of lonelygirl15, LisaNova, Renetto and the comedy duo Smosh will receive the same treatment that YouTube gives more-established entertainment industry players, such as CBS Corp. and the BBC.

[…] The announcement came as San Bruno, Calif.-based YouTube fights with some traditional media companies that see the website as a source of pirated TV shows and video clips.

The Football Assn. Premier League, an English soccer league, and Bourne Co., an independent music publisher, on Friday sued Google in a New York federal court, alleging that game highlights and songs such as “Inka Dinka Doo” had been posted without permission. They are seeking class-action status for their lawsuit.

[…] “Without producers of original content, they are just a pirate site,” said Forrester Research analyst Josh Bernoff.


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