An Indie Label Shuttered

Even the small is beautiful model is struggling these days in some circles:Long Gone John gets a long goodbyepdf

Artists and fans lined up to give thanks to a music mogul for years of support and cherished records upon his retirement from the business.

No, Clive Davis is not packing it in. If he ever does, the send-off will be a huge gala with the biggest names in the pop world paying tribute.

This event was at the tiny Silver Lake club Spaceland the musicians on hand last Friday for the most part hardly known outside of indie-hipster circles. The mogul-in-question — or anti-mogul, as he’s often called — was Long Gone John, the sole proprietor of the Long Beach-based Sympathy for the Record Industry label, which he is shuttering so he can move to a forested stretch of beach near Olympia, Wash. Sympathy, despite an astonishing 750 releases by 550 acts in the course of 18 years — including early albums from the White Stripes and Courtney Love’s Hole — racked up cumulative sales in its entire history that would barely make a slow week for Davis.