At A Conference Today

So blogging will be sporadic, if not absent: Protocols and Standards for Emerging Technologies: Issues in Synthetic Biology and the Future Internet

Many emerging technologies present a challenging set of potential applications and technical design choices that call for broadly applied standards and usage protocols, whether for regulatory purposes or in order to optimize the interoperability of technology-driven products. This seminar includes three coordinated talks and a discussion period that will explore these issues. Speakers will focus on two current technologies (Internet II and Synthetic Biology) as well as a retrospective examination of examples from the past. Some specific issues the speakers will address include:

  • What is being standardized and protocol-ized, with attention to the technical substance and material consequences of choices. (Internet II – IP addressing conventions, packet header content, BGP and alternatives. SynBio – Standards for couplings of parts, measures of performance, metrics for interaction effects, typologies for classification of biological parts).

  • Standards for both the internet and biological engineering are being redesigned / designed in bits and pieces. What institutions and processes are and should be involved in the selection of standards and protocols? How do perceptions of uncertainty and implications affect the standard-setting process?