Counterpoint on Digital Music Business

Digital Music Biz Ain’t Booming

Music industry marketing gurus might think it wise to ignore people like me. Because they never made any money from me under the old regime of prepackaged albums and singles, why would they in the new era of digital downloads? Here’s what they might not get.

I’m what I call business-model sensitive. That is, if the way something is marketed or priced doesn’t appeal, I don’t buy it — unless I desperately want it. I prefer the price of a product to bear some relation both to the cost of producing it and its value to me.

It’s this same business-model sensitivity that causes me to forgo cable television. Why should I pay for unlimited access when I don’t watch more than an hour a day? It seems akin to paying for the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet when I just want coffee.

Some would call such behavior cheap. I take great offense at such character assassination, although it may be true.

Either way, for someone who is business-model sensitive (or cheap, if you must), the digital music industry doesn’t add up.

Note that, like me, she doesn’t buy cable TV, either.