Indecency “Creep”

As feared, the effort to curb “indecency” is becoming an excuse to extend the FCC’s regulatory scope — and a threat to the cable industry’s lucrative bundling practices. When it gets to the horse-trading, will the industry act to protect a revenue stream or a regulatory shelter? Or will “decency” allow the agency to get everything? FCC Chairman Urges Cable TV to Police Itself Over Indecency [pdf]

The nation’s top communications regulator chided the cable TV industry Tuesday for not doing enough to shield children from objectionable programs, adding that parents would be better served if they could more easily pick the channels they receive.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin J. Martin urged cable operators to offer programs a la carte instead of in bundled packages, a move that he said also would benefit consumers by lowering bills by about 2%. Martin’s position marks a shift from the FCC’s previous stance under former Chairman Michael K. Powell.

The hearing www page: Open Forum on Decency; Commissioner Martin’s comments

See Salon’s excellent writeup: Idiot Boxers. Later – Slate’s I Want My MTV — But you can keep your MTV2

*Maybe* I’m Back

Burned a lot of (virtual) witches over the last three days trying to deal with some security issues here. I would like to think that I’m clear, but I have to say that I’m back on probation for the moment. If I’ve been thorough enough, I’ll be back regularly. But, if I missed something, expect that I’ll be taken back down. Sorry about that.