Sorry About The Outage!

Hi, everyone. Sorry about the outage — not that I was expecting to be posting much while I was in Cambridge teaching over Thanksgiving, but I *was* expecting that my server would be available.

And, to those of you in Cambridge who got to hear me expostulate about running an OS X server — it looks like the culprit is MIT Network Services. The machine was running just fine when I got here from the airport. That’s going to be the second switch this year that has died on me! They took me off the network over a security problem, hence, among other things, the delay in getting back up (and the current ugly look of the weblog — need to get my WordPress styles set!!)

Of course, my RSS reader missed the last week, so I’m really going to be starting from behind. And I won’t get much done today after flying all day. But, at least the culprit isn’t OS X, which I was fearing.