Profiling MPAA’s Glickman

Keeping Moviegoers Away From the Dark Side

But whatever the outcome [in Grokster], Mr. Glickman, the president of the Motion Picture Association of America, has no intention of easing up in his campaign against online movie piracy. Tactics may change, he says, but not the strategy.

[…] “In the movie industry, we have to get ahead of the curve,” Mr. Glickman said. “There is no reason why what happened in the record industry couldn’t happen in the movie industry.”

Many industry executives recognize the looming problem. “Faced with a technology disruption, you can either fight it and treat it like a threat or look at it as an opportunity and try to develop new businesses,” observed Mitch Singer, executive vice president for digital policy at Sony Pictures.

Yet the movie industry, some analysts say, is too intent on fighting these days. “It’s a real mistake to focus on suing people so much instead of moving with the technology into the future,” said Harold L. Vogel, an independent media analyst.

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