A Little Bomb Throwing from Niels Schaumann

Via Legal Theory Blog (sorry; I’m fighting – and barely surviving – an incredibly nasty summer cold). Copyright Class War

Interestingly enough, Siva’s work in Copyrights and Copywrongs is cited, but not what I imagine is the more appropriate Anarchist in the Library, given the title of this paper.

We are engaged in an immense, ongoing dispute, one between those who own valuable copyrights and those who do not. To call it a war is overstating the case a little, but only a little. The copyright-rich content industry, fearing the worst from digital technology and believing its back is to the wall, is engaging in tactics more brutal than anyone thought likely even just a few years ago. The copyright-poor, including consumers, new authors, and those whose business is developing and exploiting works in the public domain, have steadily lost ground over the last few years and, also believing their backs are to the wall, are resorting to guerilla tactics including the plainly illicit distribution of files via peer-to-peer (“P2P”) technology. How odd that copyright law, which for most of the last century was an arcane backwater, of interest chiefly to the few lawyers practicing in the faintly disreputable areas of entertainment and publishing, has become such a battleground.

Reads like the intro to this year’s annual report of the Register of Copyrights