Ahh, High School Memories

We’ve all been there, so this is not as surprising as it might seem at first – but it does illustrate how the internet changes the dynamic: Piracy vs. Stealing: Teacher Fails “A” Student for Topic Choice

“Geluso, an ‘A’ student, recently completed an in-class exit exam for his Language Arts class. The goal of the exit exam was to write a comparative essay on a topic of the student’s choice. Being a student who enjoys a challenge, he wrote an essay contrasting piracy with stealing.

“His teacher failed him, saying there was no difference between the two and that he was “splitting hairs”. Other teachers who read his essay said that he did well from an organizational and technical standpoint, but because his teacher felt that there was no difference between piracy and stealing, she gave him an ‘F’ because she disapproved of the content of his essay.