I’ve Been Swamped….

So see the Washington Post rundown of links on the MPAA lawsuit announcement yesterday: Hollywood’s One Strike Policy

The Post’s article: Hollywood Sues Suspected Movie Pirates [pdf]

Hollywood’s major movie studios started production on their latest epic today, a remake of the recording industry’s aggressive legal campaign to stop the illegal trading of copyrighted works on the Internet. The lawsuits, filed against hundreds of people suspected of trading movies online, are a first for the studios and are paired with an ambitious public education effort aimed at curtailing online piracy before it makes a significant dent in the film industry’s bottom line.

[..] “I wish they would think more about how they’re going to sell movies than how they’re going to sue people,” said Gigi Sohn, president of Public Knowledge, a Washington, D.C.-based civil liberties group that wants the entertainment industry to develop alternate business models to suit the needs of 21st-century technology.

[…] “These are sales and rentals that are not being made, that’s money that’s not going to the retailer. That’s tax that’s not being collected by governments. That’s jobs that are not being created,” said VSDA spokesman Sean Bersell. “[This] black market is siphoning off market share and what we don’t want to see is it get worse than it already is.”

Someone seems to want to get to make the “Boston Strangler” quote of this dispute, and I would put Sean in the lead at this point….

See also DownhillBattle’s response to the MPAA “education” campaign: KidsSmellBullshit and their CopyrightCurriculum wiki – press release/blog posting

Woot! Trouble for the EU Patent Directive?

InfoWorld: Polish rejection may derail EU patent directive

The Polish Cabinet of Ministers, which voted in May in the Council of the European Union (informally referred to as the Council of Ministers) to approve the “Patentability of Computer-implemented Inventions” directive, announced in a statement released Tuesday that it has serious concerns with the proposed law and now “cannot support the text which was agreed upon by the E.U. Council.”

The NoSoftwarePatents (NSP) campaign said that without Poland’s backing, those countries that supported the proposal in May now fall short of a qualified majority in the Council of Ministers.