I Thought I Was Getting Back Today

But it’s been non-stop, so I am only dropping by on my way to Detroit for a couple of days (and my laptop is *still* dead thanks to bad contracts management with Apple), so I’m borrowing one for a couple of days.

Of course, news that shows that the US doesn’t have a lock on crack-headed IP policies, Click at your own risk [via BoingBoing][pdf] doesn’t help my mood much, either. On the other hand, I imagine that Senator Hatch is already looking into showing us why this is a *good* thing.

Most people know it is illegal to download songs from the internet without paying. But far fewer people know it is illegal to copy music from a CD you have legally bought.

Anyone who has copied songs from a CD onto an iPod or computer hard drive has fallen foul of Australian copyright laws, which critics argue are failing to keep pace with technological change. Copying music for personal use is generally OK in the US and Europe. But not in Australia.

[…] “You could possibly use it to listen to music that you’ve recorded yourself or even to a recording made by your friend’s band,” says a copyright expert, Kim Weatherall, of Melbourne University’s law school. “But that’s about it.”

[…] Brett Oaten, a solicitor who represents popular Australian artists such as Powderfinger and Delta Goodrem, says: “Until we get the iTunes site in Australia there are not many ways to use the iPod legitimately here. You have to have an American credit card to gain access to the American site.”

Of course, we’re doing our part to export it via bilateral trade agreements — Australia to Get Software Patents and Anti-Circumvention Laws


So, a couple more days before I get back to the weblog – sorry about that, but my other day jobs get the priority for a bit more……