Peter Gabriel’s Thoughts

Peter Gabriel on the digital revolution [via Slashdot]

Gabriel: […] I think it’s very important for artists to get involved in the distribution. A new world is being created — one is dying — and if artists don’t get involved, they’re going to get screwed, like they usually do.

[…] What I’m afraid of, personally, is that the business will, every time there is a technological breakthrough, the business thinks: “Ah, here we have another chance to claw a big chunk of the cake back for the business and away from the artist.” And I think it’s really important that artists act together — which we are notoriously bad at doing — and I hope that this union idea may get some blood behind it, and we will be able to become our own retailers in part.

[…] The future should be [that] you can get anything, anytime, from wherever you are, anywhere, and whoever you are, whatever country, whatever language you speak. And then the question that is fundamental to me that follows that as day follows night, is how do I actually filter the stuff, how do I really get to the stuff that means something to me? And that you can only do with an intelligent filter systems, and we were beginning to look at that with OD2 and I’m sure we’ll continue. It’s something that interests me a lot because you have limited time, and you don’t want, like with e-mail, you don’t want all of the junk, you just want the bits that have some meaning for you.