July 22, 2004

*Sigh* [6:48 pm]

A number of people have posted on the IICA/INDUCE Act hearing today, and I’ve been too terribly busy today to post a lot — but there’s a piece of Sen. Leahy’s statement that points to what makes us all so uneasy:

While I understand that some have concerns with the specifics our legislation, I say to you this: work with us. No one wants to undermine the iPod, but we must recognize that some people use peer-to-peer technology in ways that are wrong and illegal

Note what Sen Leahy himself is saying — the laws that we are coming up with to penalize already illegal actions additionally run the risk of undermining the iPod; help us fix them. (See also Techdirt’s Senator Hatch: It May Be Wrong, But It Needs To Be Done)

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Scary [10:07 am]

Ernest Miller notes that Number of Co-sponsors for INDUCE Act (IICA) Growing. Worse:

I’ve yet to hear of a single senator who opposes or even has serious questions about the bill.

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Siva on INDUCE Act [9:27 am]

From Salon: Is your computer a loaded gun?

[T]he bill reflects a serious misunderstanding of peer-to-peer technology specifically and the effects of technology generally. It is the worst kind of policy intervention: destined to cause more trouble than it solves and certain to stifle technological innovation. It will make lawyers richer while failing to help the copyright holders it is supposed to save.

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