A Good Fight In The Making

InfoWorld: Microsoft, Apple sued for offering online updates

U.K.-based BTG Plc has sued Microsoft Corp. and Apple Computer Inc. for allegedly infringing a patent that covers Web-enabled software update technologies, the company announced Wednesday.

BTG has filed the lawsuit in the U.S. Federal Court in the Northern District of California in conjunction with New York-based Teleshuttle Corp. and Teleshuttle Technologies LLC, the holders of the patent which BTG said is being infringed. BTG holds the worldwide licensing rights to the patent.

The lawsuit charges Microsoft and Apple with infringement of United States patent number 6,557,054, alleging that Microsoft’s and Apple’s operating systems, as well as Microsoft Office products, incorporate the patented technologies.

Call For Cross-Platform DRM

Group calls for copy protection Rosetta stone — Of course, you have to agree first on “why DRM at all?”

“The digital media market is in gridlock, lacking both a moral and technological framework, and a strategy for the future,” Thomas Curran, DMP co-founder and former Bertelsmann chief technology officer, said in a speech at the group’s meeting in Osaka, Japan, last week. “Standards governing the interoperability of digital rights management technologies are essential.”

[…] But if well-intentioned, the group’s efforts face high hurdles. Digital rights management tools have proven to be a powerful way for companies to lock consumers into their brands, and interoperability would eliminate that advantage for the market leaders.

Digital TV Moves?

Digital TV With a German Accent

Lawmakers in the House of Representatives will consider Wednesday whether to emulate Berlin in order to speed up the transition of U.S. television airwaves from analog to digital signals.

In August 2003, the German capital became the first major city on the planet to completely transition from analog to digital broadcast TV. And somewhat surprisingly, it did so without any noticeable hiccups.

The Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet hearing is today — The Digital Television Transition: What We Can Learn from Berlin.

Culture MashUps

I got an e-mail from David Goldschmidt of mediatrips.com (where “sampling popculture is not a crime”), who is conducting competitions in media arts, with entries composed of audio and video mashups according to specified themes

In late 1999, I joined Rhizome.org (an online community of net.artists) and discovered a real affinity for their work. Specifically, I love it when artists rip (and remix) images and icons from American popculture. It’s fascinating to see how people react to the modern media environment. Scriptwriters, and filmmakers in general, follow the industry format for creating movies and television programs. The Mediatrip — however– is a critique/reaction to what one sees on TV.