February 21, 2004

A Look at the Multimedia Format Standard Fights [6:46 pm]

iVast sale highlights MPEG-4 woes

Digital media start-up iVast has quietly ceased U.S. operations, highlighting the challenging market for multimedia products based on the emerging MPEG-4 standard.

[...] The moves come amid weak demand for MPEG-4-based products, belying some of the hype over technology that offers substantial compression improvements over the current MPEG-2 standard used by most digital cable providers and DVD manufacturers. MPEG standards are developed and approved by the Moving Pictures Experts Group.

Ben Silva, a former iVast employee who is now vice president of worldwide sales for Moirai Media, said iVast struggled in the United States in part because of reluctance among U.S. companies to back new technology and use it.

[...] “The North America market was not there to sustain” MPEG-4, Silva said. He added that the market won’t pick up until “the U.S. stops waiting for the next best thing.”

[...] The delays have helped Microsoft gain traction for its competing Windows Media formats, Kaufhold added. “In the near term, Microsoft appears to have the upper hand.”

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Some More 321 Studios Reports [6:38 pm]

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Someone’s Check Came, Anyway [4:03 pm]

From Slashdot: One Man’s Check From The RIAA — with images of the letter accompanying the check

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Hey Ya Charlie Brown [3:51 pm]

Read about this in the description of the Lessig lecture last week, but you really have to see this to see just how clever it is — even if it is illegal: Hey Ya, Charlie Brown! [QuickTime]

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Declaratory Judgments and Copyright [1:31 pm]

After the 321 Studio loss at the District Court level, I’m starting to wonder whether suits for declaratory judgment in copyright are just not successful. Eldred, N2H2 and now this.

I’m curious — has there been a successful suit for declaratory judgment in copyright? IP? Pre-DMCA versus post-DMCA? Let me know

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