I’m Back….

With lots of catching up (and paper grading) to take care of. Hope to start posting something with content within the next day or so.

My admittedly whirlwind trip to India was amazing from a host of perspectives, as I hope the pictures that I will start posting will help to demonstrate. What I found most sobering, both in my conversations with people and from my reading of the local papers, is the degree to which American political prestige is suffering in India under this presidency.

Indians have huge economic reasons to be strongly allied to America, since the outsourcing of service jobs to India is a significant element of their economic growth. Yet, there are papers that have daily reports of "Bushisms" as well as a cartoon known as Dubyaman. (Get to it via the IndiaTimes Jokes page) The contrast in their perceptions of this president and the last was just overwhelming — even when speaking to Indians whose avowed prejudices about Muslims dovetailed with this administration’s views on terrorists.

As I said, sobering