Some More Technological Alienation

BugTraq reports on some more currency detection/image blocking in some (surprise!) HP products: HP printers and currency anti-copying measures (5 messages). See particularly the second note in the thread, which notes that making digital copies of the euro is not illegal, per se — but HP has elected to try to block the use of their devices to print images that it doesn’t want you to print.

A mating of Prof. Lessig’s notion of architecture with the idea that, at a certain level, the users of tools in this context are increasingly unable to perceive what limits have been placed upon the tool — that the user is alienated from the tools of creation, and thus, controlled.

[via Slashdot: Currency Detection Discovered in More Products]

Fallout from Fiorina’s Embrace of DRM

HP users cry foul at death of the open PC

Letters re: HP declares war on sharing culture

Based on early feedback, it seems that HP confused its corporate needs with customer needs when announcing its commitment to DRM last week at the CES conference. A boycott of HP’s consumer products is the last thing the company’s struggling PC business needs, but that is exactly what some readers are discussing. We’ll see if HP’s decision to end the open PC pays off in the long run.

While we received countless letters, we can only print some of the best. And here they are.