What Does This Portend for DVD Region Encoding?

The papers are full of the new Matrix film, including this NYTimes article: Wrapping Up a Trilogy With a Global Assault [pdf]. It makes a key point about the rationale for the simultaneous worldwide release:

But there is also a practical reason for Warner Brothers to open “Revolutions” in so many theaters from the start. With a worldwide release, Mr. Horn said, the studio hopes to stave off pirates who record and distribute illegal copies of movies in countries where a film has not yet opened. (In some countries the film will be either dubbed or shown with subtitles.) And just as important, Warner Brothers wants to make as much money as it can during the movie’s first few weeks to protect against a sudden falloff in attendance.

Today’s User Friendly

Covers several fronts at once: UserFriendly

Faceless Voice #1: Listen Bill, we can’s acquire Google with money alone. We need to make Google think that the public wants a merger.

Faceless Voice #2: But the public doesn’t want a merger,

Faceless Voice #1: Nonetheless, we need to run a poll and show Google that the ‘Net population overwhelmingly supports the deal.

Bill: So…we buy out Diebold and use their polling software?

Faceless Voice #1: See, Bill. That’s why you’re the chairman.