2003 June 3

(entry last updated: 2003-06-03 07:54:22)

  • A key architectural decision in a digital device makes for new business opportunities – TiVo service tracks viewer data (CNet); TiVo to Sell User Viewing Data (Wired)

  • More on the editing of movies for "acceptability:" Much Ado About Smut-Free DVDs

    Three small companies that manufacture technologies that filter out the sex, gore and violence from DVD movies are hoping to avoid a protracted legal fight with Hollywood.

    ClearPlay, Family Shield Technologies and Trilogy Studios filed a motion Friday in the United States District Court in Denver to dismiss claims that their products infringe on the copyrights of motion pictures.

  • Amy Harmon discusses Nullsoft’s Waste: File-Sharing Program Slips Out of AOL Offices [pdf]

    AOL Time Warner is trying to stop the spread of new software released by its Nullsoft division, whose founder and lead programmer, Justin Frankel, is known for leaking his work onto the Internet and causing headaches for his employer.

    The new program makes it easy for groups of about 50 people to set up file-sharing networks that are secure and private. In addition to letting users search for and download files, it includes an instant messaging feature that could be seen as competition for AOL Instant Messenger, which provides AOL with a crucial presence on millions of computer screens.