2003 January 26

(entry last updated: 2003-01-26 11:55:08)

Good thing I came into the office to get some work done – looks like MIT’s gateway out into the rest of the Internet is dead – at least, as of 10:25AM *I* can’t get outside of MIT, and I see that no one has accessed this machine’s httpd since 4:00:34AM today.
UPDATE: – curiouser and curiouser – now I can get out of MIT, and I see that others have been able to get *in* througout – my little Apache “tail checker” was interrupted so I mistook my problems for yours.

Upon further reflection, I’m guessing that the MS SQL bug/worm must been at least a contributor, although I still don’t understand the asymmetries (I can’t get outside of MIT, but others can get in?).