2003 January 3

(entry last updated: 2003-01-03 17:55:43)

  • As anyone who saw today’s NYTimes knows, the article that surprised me yesterday didn’t make the print edition until today. And it’s well worth a careful read, particularly since it raises all sorts of ugly spectres, not to mention a new RIAA face:

    …The expected crush of material entering the public domain has already sent one giant company, EMI Classics, into a shotgun marriage with a renegade label that it had long tried to shut down to protect its lucrative Callas discography. The influx also has the American record industry talking about erecting a customs barrier.

    “The import of those products would be an act of piracy,” said Neil Turkewitz, the executive vice president international of the Recording Industry Association of America, which has strongly advocated for copyright protections. “The industry is regretful that these absolutely piratical products are being released.”

    The industry association is trying to persuade European Union countries to extend copyright terms. Meanwhile, Mr. Turkewitz said, “we will try to get these products blocked,” arguing that customs agents “have the authority to seize these European recordings even in the absence of an injunction brought by the copyright owners.”

  • The various DeCSS injunctions are going to get a Supreme Court review according to CNet. Slashdot discusses and Bag and Baggage offers up some good links

  • Donna’s Copyfight has a number of interesting entries today (and yesterday)

  • Slashdot is all excited about what Eric Raymond is calling the eighth incarnation of the Halloween memo. I’m not sure it’s all that earth shattering, but it does give you a look at how Eric Raymond thinks.

  • Several sources describe the efforts taken by a russian student to disseminate DirecTV specifications for the purpose of hacking the encryption – The Register, CNet News.