2002 November 1

(entry last updated: 2002-11-01 18:42:58)

A good article in the New York Times on international copyright enforcement (or not)

Aimster/Madster in the sights of the RIAA. The New York State legislature sees its own variant of the California 7-year-law

The Shifted Librarian updates us on the eBay bans on the sale of CD-Rs.

After today’s ESD.10 lecture, Chris Hardin told me that Siva Vyadhyanathan and Jonathan Zittrain will be giving a talk at the concluding forum of the semester, copyright and culture, in the MIT Communication Forum’s series at the MIT Media Lab’s Bartos Theatre on November 6 from 5-7 PM. Don’t miss it!

And, the Microsoft decision is in – ugh. See LawMeme, the LawMeme instant analysis, and Slashdot As The Register points out, it’s up to the European Commission, now.

(5 items listed below)

  • An interesting look at the extent to which Chinese artists have to go to protect their intellectual property in a country where copyright is honored more in the breach than in its enforcement.

  • Madster (nee Aimster) is profiled in a Rolling Stone article [from LawMeme

    The "Madster" (Aimee Deep) has a weblog that you may want to see with a chronology of the fight..

  • Billboard comments negatively on the prospects for the Aritistic Freedom Act, which appears to be a NY variant on the 7-year-legislation that recently died in CA.

  • A first person account of what lengths eBay and the RIAA will go to protect their distribution model.

  • You never know what you’ll find when you click on a link. The link for the upcoming Viadhyanathan boook led to a host of interesting content, including this NYTimes article on Viadhyanathan finding an unpublished Mark Twain manuscript on copyright.