2002 October 7 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-10-07 14:19:20)

Getting ready for the next round of lectures on this topic is eating up all my free time – but there are too many things going on today to miss out on posting some of them.

Amazingly, the Boston Globe seems to be the only one carrying the webcasting royalty agreement, and it’s an AP Wire services tale. And, it’s the first Monday in October – Eldred is scheduled for Wednesday.

(5 items listed below)

  • The webcasting royalty settlement seems to be set – revenue-based royalties for small actors. The Reuters wire story from yesterday is less optimistic, though.

  • The Register has another story on the carrot and stick game being played in the European markets to get DRM onto consumers’ machines.
  • Declan McCullagh writes about Eldred today. It’s been a weird experience to listen to NPR today, whose stories on the opening of the current Supreme Court session speak of all the important cases still wending through the lower courts, giveing short shrift to this particular case.
  • And, speaking of cases, the Verizon suit is keepin’ on.
  • Amy Harmon describes the RIAA’s fight to kill the many-headed hydra of online music copying – in this case KaZaA and Sharman Networks..