2002 October 2 Links

(entry last updated: 2002-10-02 20:01:50)

Came across an online journal of music industry news with a clear political bent: Music Dish. For a taste, see this article on the recent recording industry hearings on industry contracts. (See also this SFGate report)

Of course, then reading this article from The Onion will make you wonder how to tell the difference between the jokes and the real RIAA strategies. Sadly, if you know the history, this is not even a joke – the record companies already look upon the compulsory license for radio stations as a ripoff (only the music publisher gets paid) – that’s why the webcasting royalties have been so contentious. Until digital webcasting, the record companies got nothing from a radio broadcast – well, except (theoretically) free promotion of their product. And since they caved in to payola, they don’t get that either.

And, as I try to catch up inthe face of a ton of work, I see that I missed a special guest editorial at Findlaw yesterday.

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