October 1, 2002

2002 October 1 Links [7:14 am]

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Looks like the RIAA “education” push has gotten really subtle, with a SiliconValley.com editorial and a New York Times in-depth piece. But the settlement of the CD price-fixing case comes along and spoils the pity party.

And I see I missed some action the last couple of days in the copyright debate.

LawMeme supplies a handy guide to reading the Eldred v. Ashcroft petitioner’s opening brief.

Looks like the US Government (or at least the IRIS project - project homepage) is applying some heavyweight thinking to the P2P infrastructure.

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  • Our look at the RIAA education plan starts with this editorial in SiliconValley.com by the songwriter who gave us “I Don’t Wnat To Miss A Thing.”

  • Next, we have this story about the economic plight of the record industry, as the Warner deal with Dry Cell falls apart.

  • but, then we get news that the record industry settles their CD price-fixing suit, with the added note that they probably would have been prepared to settle for much more than they pair.

  • Dan Gillmor takes Jack Valenti’s construction of the Constitution to task. (alienation essay, here I come)

  • In case you missed it, Mr Hollywood Lives in Washington; and Ed Felten’s Fritz’ Hit List

  • A little more on the “smart mobs” enabled by new telecommunications technology is summarized here. (An earlier Furdlog entry points out that Larry Niven predicted this…over 25 years ago!)

  • This Foxtrot cartoon from last Sunday was hard to resist.

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